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Strategies to Increase Sales Turnover during Product Launching

In the competitive business world, achieving high sales turnover when launching a new product is the main goal of every company. To achieve this, there are several strategies that can be implemented starting from the market research stage to utilizing social media to expand promotional reach.

First of all, comprehensive market research is a crucial first step. In this research, companies must clearly identify the target market, understand consumer needs and preferences, and analyze competitors in the market. The information obtained from market research will help companies direct their marketing efforts and develop appropriate strategies.

Furthermore, product research is an important step in optimizing the quality and excellence of the products to be launched. Companies need to ensure that the products offered have features and benefits that differentiate them from competitors and suit the needs of the target market. In this case, feedback from potential consumers and product testing can provide valuable insights to improve product quality.

Packaging research should not be overlooked either. Attractive and informative packaging can influence consumers' perception of product quality. Companies need to ensure that the packaging design matches the brand and purpose of the product, and is able to catch consumers' attention on store shelves or in advertisements.

Along with that, creating powerful ad angles is one of the keys to attracting attention and inspiring consumers. Creative and communicative ad angles can evoke emotions and purchase desires, by conveying a clear message about the benefits and value of the product. The use of stories or narratives that are interesting and relevant to the target market can also help create a stronger appeal.

Finally, utilizing social media as an effective promotional tool can help expand reach and build brand awareness. Companies can invite influencers or potential customers to promote new products through unboxing, reviews, or testimonials on social media platforms. Creating engaging content, sharing information about product benefits, and holding contests or prizes for followers who share product-related content can help expand the reach of promotions and increase user engagement.

Product Launch Simulation

A product launch process that explodes sales can involve a series of well-thought-out and coordinated stages. 

The following is an example of the process of launching a facial cleanser product under brand X at a skincare company:

1. Market Research

Brand X skincare company will conduct comprehensive market research. They will identify potential target markets such as women aged 18-35 who care about skincare and have skin problems such as acne and redness. The market research will also involve understanding the latest trends in skincare and consumer preferences.

2. Product Research

After knowing the target market, the company will conduct product research to create a facial cleanser that meets the needs and wants of consumers. They will develop formulas that are effective in cleansing the skin without drying or irritating it. The research will also involve testing the product on a panel of consumers to get feedback and make improvements if needed.

3. Packaging Research

The company will design attractive and informative packaging for the facial cleanser. This packaging will reflect X's brand identity and catch consumers' attention on store shelves. They will consider design elements, color selection, and important information included such as product benefits and how to use.

4. Powerful Advertising Angle

Companies will develop powerful advertising angles to promote facial cleansing products. For example, they may emphasize the product's efficacy in treating acne and maintaining healthy skin. They can also use testimonials from successful users and convey messages that evoke consumer emotions, such as confidence and natural beauty.

Advertising example: Title: "Create Your Beautiful Skin with X Facial Cleanser"

The ad begins with a scene of a confident woman with glowing skin. The narrator's voice reveals that the secret to her beautiful skin is Facial Cleanser X, which effectively cleanses the skin and resolves acne problems. The ad features a number of women using the product and getting positive results, with smooth, acne-free skin. The ad emphasizes confidence and the message that every woman can have beautiful skin by using Facial Cleanser X.

5. Promoting on Social Media

Companies will utilize social media to expand their promotional reach. They will invite influencers in the beauty industry to review the products and share their usage experience. In addition, the company will create engaging content such as usage tutorials, skincare tips, and contests that engage followers to share product-related content.

6. Pre-Launch Teaser

Before the official launch, brand X skincare company will use a pre-launch teaser strategy to generate curiosity and anticipation among consumers. They may email teasers to registered customers, share product snippets on social media, or hold a puzzle campaign with clues that lead to the new product.

7. Official Launch

On the day of the official launch, the company will organize a special event or press conference to officially announce the brand X facial cleanser. This event may include influencers, journalists, and beauty industry figures. The company will introduce the product with details about its benefits, the uniqueness of the formula, and the quality of the ingredients used.

8. Integrated Marketing Campaign

After the launch, the company will launch an integrated marketing campaign involving various promotional channels. These include television commercials, print ads in beauty magazines, digital campaigns through social media and websites, and tie-ups with leading influencers in the beauty industry. The campaign will highlight the benefits and advantages of brand X's facial cleansing products with engaging and communicative content.

9. Consumer Promotion Program

To increase consumer participation and expand the reach of the promotion, companies will launch consumer promotion programs. For example, they may hold contests on social media that engage followers to share their experiences of using brand X facial cleansing products with attractive prizes. This will encourage consumers to actively participate in product promotion and expand brand awareness.

10. Monitoring and Evaluation

During and after the launch, the company will conduct monitoring and evaluation of the launch campaign. They will track consumer response, sales, and feedback to evaluate the success of the strategy that has been implemented. If there are areas that need improvement, the company will make changes or adjustments according to the feedback received.

By following a structured and thorough product launch process, and involving effective marketing strategies, brand X skincare company can increase brand awareness, and consumer interest, and ultimately achieve high sales turnover when launching their new facial cleanser.

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