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A Complete Guide to Writing SEO Friendly Video Transcripts

A video transcript is a written document that contains the full text of the video content. Video transcripts are used to help people with hearing impairments, as well as improve the accessibility of video content for those who cannot watch videos visually. 

In addition, video transcripts can also help improve search engine optimization (SEO) for videos, as search engines can read the transcript text to understand the video content and display the video content in search results.

Transcript Example

A brief example of a video transcript is as follows:

[Intro music plays]

Host: Welcome to our show today. We are going to discuss an interesting topic on how to cook delicious and healthy fried noodles.

[Cut to cooking demonstration]

Cook: First of all, we need to prepare the ingredients. I used soba noodles, fresh vegetables like carrots, cabbage, and green beans, and eggs.

[Cut to a close-up of the cooking process]

Cook: Then, boil the soba noodles until cooked, and stir-fry the vegetables with a little oil. After that, put the noodles and beaten egg into the wok.

[Cut back to host]

Host: That's the simple and healthy way to cook fried noodles. Thank you for watching our show today.

Benefits of Transcripts

With video transcripts like the one above, people who are unable to watch the video can read the full text of the video content. In addition, video transcripts also help search engines understand the content of the video and display the content in relevant search results.

Video transcripts are very important for YouTube SEO as they help search engines understand the content of the video and increase the accessibility of the video content for viewers. With video transcripts, search engines can read the full text of the video content and place it in relevant search results. This will help improve the visibility of the video on the YouTube platform and increase the number of views and interactions from viewers.

Additionally, video transcripts also help clarify the topics or keywords discussed in the video. Thus, the video can be found more easily by people looking for content relevant to the topic. This will help improve the ranking of the video in search results and expand the audience reach.

Lastly, video transcripts help improve the accessibility of video content for viewers with hearing impairments or poor command of foreign languages. By providing video transcripts, viewers can access the video content more easily and understand the video content better.

Overall, video transcripts are essential for improving YouTube SEO and expanding audience reach. By providing accurate and relevant video transcripts, your videos will be more easily found by search engines and more accessible to viewers.

How to Make a Transcript

Here is how to transcribe a video from scratch, step by step with details:

1. Watch the video you want to transcribe. Make sure you pay close attention and note down every word or phrase that is spoken.

2. Start by creating a basic format for your transcript. Write down the start time and end time for each section of the transcript, and number each line of text. This will help you speed up the writing process and make editing easier later.

3. Start writing the transcript in detail. Write down every word or phrase spoken, including background noises or pauses in the conversation. Make sure to include the name of the speaker if there is more than one person speaking in the video.

4. After writing the transcript in its entirety, double-check the transcript and make sure it matches the transcript and the content of the video. Double-check every detail, including start and end times, and make sure they are accurate.

5. If necessary, edit and revise the transcript to correct any errors or clarify any unclear wording. Make sure the video transcript is easy for the audience to read and understand.

6. When finished, save the video transcript in a text file format such as .txt or .docx.

7. Upload the video transcript to YouTube.

By following the steps above, you can create a video transcript from scratch. Make sure to note down every word or phrase spoken and pay attention to details such as start time and end time for each section of the transcript. By transcribing your video, you'll improve accessibility and search engine optimization for your YouTube video.


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