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YouTube Competitive Analysis: How to Analyze Your Competitor's YouTube Channel

YouTube is the world's largest video-sharing platform, with over 2 billion monthly active users, based on data from We Are Social and Hootsuite. Every day, billions of hours of video are watched by users around the world. 

In this case, competitive analysis is essential for your YouTube channel to compete with other channels and improve the performance of your content. 

Here are some ways to analyze your competitors' YouTube channels:

Check the quality and type of content posted

Check the type of videos uploaded and how the content is packaged and presented to the audience. What are the usual themes covered and how does the uploader capture the attention of the audience? Does the uploader showcase particular expertise or unique content? From this, you can get an idea of what might work on your own channel.

Review their video performance

Check their video viewership numbers, likes, dislikes, and comments are given. Are there any patterns here? What are the most popular videos and why? Check if there is a big difference in the performance of certain videos compared to others. Was there a particular moment that made the video successful or some other factor that caused the video to be more popular than others?

Review their SEO strategy

Check the keywords and tags that the uploader uses for their videos. Do the same keywords appear consistently? What tags did the uploader use to help their video be found by the target audience? This can help you in determining the keywords and tags that should be used in your own videos.

Pay attention to publication patterns 

Check how and when uploaders publish their videos. Do they post videos regularly or sporadically? Do they have a consistent video submission schedule? This can help you in planning your own video submission schedule.

Review their audience 

Check the uploader's targeted audience and their interaction with that audience. Does the uploader have a large number of different audiences, or is it centered on one specific target group? This can help you in determining your own target audience and interaction strategy with them.

In competitive analysis, it is important to observe your competitors regularly and consider changes in their strategies and performance. However, make sure that you don't copy their content or strategy completely, but use these insights to develop unique content and a unique strategy for your YouTube channel.

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