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How to Analyze Competitors on Tiktok in Detail

Viral content on TikTok has become one of the most effective ways to expand a brand's reach and capture the attention of TikTok users. TikTok has become a popular platform for users who want to create and enjoy unique and interesting creative content. 

Viral content on TikTok usually contains elements that are entertaining, interesting, and useful to users. In some cases, the content may also spark a debate or become a trending topic on social media. 

Therefore, going viral on TikTok can help brands or individuals to expand their reach and build greater brand awareness. However, achieving success on TikTok requires a proper strategy and understanding of what the users of this platform want.

This time, we will provide a detailed way to analyze competitors on TikTok.

First, look at 30 competitor videos that have a high reach, many comments, many favorites, and many shares.

Take note of the opening sentence in those videos in the first 3 seconds, then pay attention to the change in video angle, and note the change in video angle every few seconds. 

Then pay attention to the tone of voice at each change in video angle. Next, observe the brightness of the video, the filters used, and the things that are highlighted in the content.

Next, note the closing sentence in the last 5 seconds of the video and the change in angle to close the video.

After that, note whether the 30 videos are related. For example, the first video discusses recommendations for tourist attractions in Japan, then the second video discusses Japanese food that must be tried. 

Next, observe the posting time. The competitor's posting time shows that their audience is active at that time, so their videos get good interaction.

Then, observe the comments in the video, and observe how they reply to comments. Whether they reply with text or video.

Note the captions and hashtags used, and also note the number of characters used.

Next, note the sound used by the competitor. Usually, viral videos use the same sound.

As a comparison, you can analyze the sound and hashtags that are currently viral. You can read the method here.

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