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4 Mistakes Beginners Make on TikTok Affiliate

TikTok Affiliate is an affiliate program offered by TikTok, a video-based social media platform that is very popular among the younger generation. In this program, an affiliate promotes a particular product or service on their TikTok account and receives a commission when their followers purchase that product or service through the affiliate link provided. 

This program allows TikTok users to make money online by leveraging their followers and promoting products that are relevant to their niche or interests. In this regard, TikTok Affiliate can be a fun and exciting way to make money online and build a personal brand on the TikTok platform.

1. Create multiple affiliate accounts at once

When you create one account, it generates a turnover of 50 million. You would think that creating more accounts would be more lucrative.

You create up to 5 accounts at once, but because it is done alone, you only pursue the quantity of content. You will have difficulty managing 5 accounts at once, this will affect the quality of content and upload consistency.

The worst thing is that TikTok considers you a spammer because you have too many accounts.

2. Uninteresting content

Creating content carelessly, the point is that it can be posted every day. Then, the content becomes uninteresting and does not get many views. Usually, uninteresting content is only limited to 200 views.

Uninteresting content usually contains reupload content, and content with themes that are outdated (no longer a trend).

3. Lazy to do research

Immediately create content without doing research on sounds, hashtags, and products that are currently viral on TikTok Shop.

If you are lazy to research, your content will not be targeted according to the interests of the audience. So, even though your video is FYP on the TikTok homepage, it doesn't generate sales. This is because the content does not match the interests and preferences of the target audience.

4. Inconsistent

Not maintaining consistency in producing quality content. This is usually due to declining sales, weak account reach, and other external factors.

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