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3 Secret Ways to Make Youtube Shorts Viral in 2023

YouTube Shorts is a short video feature launched by YouTube in response to the popularity of short video apps like TikTok and Instagram Reels. The feature allows users to create vertical short videos of 60 seconds or less, with background music or sounds available within the app. 

As with TikTok or Reels, Shorts videos can be found and navigated through the main screen of the YouTube app, and users can like, comment, or share the videos with their followers.

By launching YouTube Shorts, YouTube is trying to attract users who are used to using other short platforms and provide more short video content within the YouTube platform. This feature can also be a new way for content creators to reach out to a larger audience and gain new popularity on the YouTube platform.

Here are some tips for making video shorts go viral:

1. Microniche

First, you have to define your niche. Our advice is to define a microniche. Microniche is a sub-niche or a more specific part of a large niche.

For example, the technology niche has an Android sub-niche, so your short content can discuss specifically Android, you can focus the content on the Android sub-niche, then on the Sumsang brand smartphone sub-niche.

Or the health niche, you can talk specifically about eye health. 

With a more specific niche, you will get a loyal audience and match their interests. However, you have to do detailed research because microniches are very specific so they don't have a large audience.

2. Implement SEO

Do keyword research with tools like Google Trends, Vidiq, Tubebuddy, Ahrefs, and others tools. 

In addition to keyword research, you can research trending video patterns using popular searches on Instagram Reels, TikTok, and Pinterest. 

Observe videos that fit your niche on other platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. Mimic the way their content is presented.

But be careful when doing your research because different platforms have different user characteristics. However, something that goes viral on TikTok is usually relevant to Youtube Shorts.

Finally, video captions and descriptions should contain the keywords that have been researched.

3. Interesting content

Interesting content here does not mean that a funny video goes viral on TikTok, then you download the video, edit it a bit, then upload it on Youtube Shorts.

No, brother!

Interesting content has its own pattern. Let's say you're working on shorts with an online business niche. You start creating a catchy title like "3 Powerful Ways to Increase Sales Through TikTok". Then create an introductory sentence that hooks and makes the audience curious, such as "The third way is not known to many people".

Now you have one keyword "increase sales through TikTok". Next, create further content related to sales through TikTok.

Why discuss "sales through TikTok"? 

By covering one keyword, one microniche, with different content, Youtube's algorithm will read that you are an expert in that field. YouTube will recommend your content more because the algorithm thinks you are experienced.

Here's an example of a title you can work on just from "sales through TikTok":

- 5 branding mistakes on TikTok

- The concept of storytelling on TikTok

- A quick guide to TikTok Ads for beginners

In conclusion, these three secret techniques can greatly increase the chances of making YouTube Shorts videos go viral in 2023. By combining these strategies, content creators can maximize their chances of achieving viral success on YouTube Shorts in 2023.

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