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How to Easily Farm Fanpages for Online Merchants in 2023

In the era of social commerce, social media users interact with each other as well as shop. This has disrupted several established online marketplaces, and some marketplaces have even closed because they were unable to compete.

Well, you as an online merchant who wants to expand your market reach and increase sales turnover must take this favorable moment.

You no longer sell with a personal account, where the reach of your account is only limited to friends and family.

It's time you had a fanpage for your small business.

We will explain how to cattle fanpage easily for online traders.

First, create a fanpage account with a name that matches your merchandise. For example, if you sell home furnishings, you create a fanpage with the name "My Dream House".

Second, prepare content. At least you have prepared content as many as 30 videos and 60 images. NOT SELLING CONTENT!

For video content, you can download it on TikTok, SnackVideo, Douyin, Pexels, and other platforms. Look for content with the theme of home decoration, luxury homes, or simple homes.

Edit the downloaded video, put a frame, write a clickbait caption inside the video, adjust the brightness, and make sure there is no watermark.

For photos, you can search for them on Pexels, millions of photos are available for free, and safe to use.

Third, schedule content. Visit the meta business suite through your PC. From the PC version of the meta business suite, schedule the prepared posts for 1 month. Schedule reels 2 times a day and photos 5 times a day.

Next, create another similar fanpage with a different name, replicating the steps above. But, with different videos and photos. 

Create up to 10 fan pages. 

Remember, prepare a budget for advertising! Without ads, the reach of your posts is not very big.

If the followers on the fanpage have reached 5 thousand, you can start selling your products on your fanpage.

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