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FYP? This is a Powerful Way to Make Your Videos FYP on TikTok in 2023

As of April 2022, the number of active users of TikTok in the USA is approximately 130 million users. Millions of videos are uploaded every day to the content distribution platform.

TikTok has become the largest social media platform.

There are users who are just looking for entertainment, there are those who are looking for information, there are those who are looking for profit, and there are those who are content creators.

Every day you are treated to videos that are viral on the TikTok homepage. These videos appear on your homepage or are commonly called For Your Page (FYP).

Then, of course, you also want the videos that you make to be FYP and appear on other people's home pages.

The videos that FYP will make on your TikTok account will be followed by many users.

So, this time we will share an effective way so that your videos can FYP on TikTok in 2023.


Before creating a TikTok account, first, determine your interests.

For example, if you like cooking, you can make cooking tips videos, then upload the videos to TikTok.

Surely you ask, why don't you make a mixed video, as you like.

TikTok distributes video content based on the interests of its users.

User interest is determined by accounts followed, videos watched, videos liked, videos commented on, and videos shared on other social media platforms.

Remember! you are not a celeb.

So, for making videos you FYP. Create your content specifically according to your interests.

Why should you be interested?

Let you make the video happily, not by force.


Wow! How come, just making TikTok content using all the research. It's like you want to make a Coronavirus!

The research is simple.


What needs to be researched so that your video can FYP?

You have to research posting hours, sound, captions, hashtags, and video duration.

Don't worry.

All you have to do is observe creators whose content is similar to yours.


Making TikTok content doesn't need to use a camera whose price can make you pawn your land, pride, and nation.

Just with a smartphone.

But, choose a smartphone that has enough capacity to edit videos on Canva and Capcut.

In addition, the quality of the video recording has a high resolution.

Watch Live Video

Watching live videos, commenting, and liking them will make your account visited by people who are also watching the live video. Moreover, the live videos you watch are relevant to your account's niche.

Thus. Hopefully, your videos can FYP on TikTok soon.

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