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Online Culinary Selling Strategy on Facebook in 2023

According to Meta's data, the number of Facebook users reached approximately 2 billion users as of February 2022. The social media platform founded by Mark Zuckerberg is one of the largest social media in the world. This large number of users can be an opportunity for the culinary business.

Moreover, Facebook is one of the most effective promotional tools for a business, especially a culinary business.  There are features such as fan pages, groups, and ads that can help culinary businesses to expand their market reach, making Facebook suitable as a medium for promoting culinary businesses.

We have summarized some effective strategies for promoting culinary businesses on Facebook, here below are culinary business marketing strategies on Facebook:

Do Research

Don't be afraid to read the word research. Research doesn't always cost a lot of money. 

This research only requires your time and energy.

First, you have to observe your surroundings or the culinary center in your city. Direct observation. Observe what foods are sold the most. Take note of the 10 types of food and drinks that are most in demand.

Second, you observe the Facebook accounts of culinary businesses in your city. You can get this data from regional culinary groups or other groups about your city. Observe 10 posts that are crowded, and note the time of posting, captions used, interactions, images used, and hashtags.

Third, you can observe culinary influencers on TikTok. What culinary or snacks do they promote. Usually, culinary delights that are often FYP on the TikTok homepage, tend to be in demand by people.

In addition, you can utilize your Facebook account to make polls. Make a simple poll by asking questions like "What is your favorite food on vacation?" "Which Japanese specialties have you not eaten yet?" "Do you like ice cream, cake, or fruit for dessert?"

Take note of each answer in the comments column, the data is useful for you to determine the type of culinary you will market.

Content Plan

After doing research and getting the results, you can make a content plan. Content planning includes images or videos to be used, captions, and posting times. Make a content plan for one month. Do not only sell content because Facebook users will feel bored if only presented with selling content constantly, they tend to ignore fan pages that only contain selling.

Online Culinary Selling Strategy on Facebook in 2023

Include useful content such as recipes, culinary types that should be avoided by people with certain diseases, types of vegetables that can prevent certain types of diseases, and some funny content.

Creating Fanpage and Branding

After the content has been prepared, you create a fanpage that reflects your culinary business. You can use your culinary brand name, such as "Let's eat!". 

After creating your fanpage, you can immediately schedule content to be uploaded to your fanpage. You can use Meta Bussines Suite to schedule fanpage content.

After scheduling content on your fanpage, join Facebook groups that discuss food in your city or country. Post useful things in these groups.

In addition, you should also prepare a budget for advertising on the Facebook platform. You can advertise your fan page content. 

If you're confused about the content, you can copy your competitors' ads in the Facebook Ads Library.

Then, work with influencers whose content is relevant to food and who don't have a bad track record. At first, you can use influencers who have under 10,000 Facebook followers.

Apart from being cheaper, there are more benefits from influencers who have a small number of followers. The followers must be relatively loyal and you can more easily target users more specifically.

This is especially true for influencers who have under 10,000 followers but have good interactions in their posts.

If you want to be more extreme in promotion, you can copy this controversial strategy by reading it here.

Hopefully, this strategy will help you grow your culinary business and expand your market reach.

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