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How to Analyze Viral Hashtags in TikTok

If you want your TikTok account to get targeted followers according to your goals, you can use the facilities provided by TikTok.

TikTok provides data that you can use to analyze popular hashtags.

Instead of using hashtags randomly, and your video gets an audience that doesn't match the target you want, you can analyze the hashtags first.

Here's how!

1. Visit TikTok Ads Page - Click here

Use a chrome browser or any other browser, after visiting the address, login with your TikTok account to make it easier.

2. Check Trends

On the TikTok ads website dashboard, you will find the trends menu, there is a choice of Hashtags, Sounds, Creators, and TikTok Video sub-menus.

Select Hashtags and a list of hashtags that have been popular in the last 7 days will appear. You can filter the list of popular hashtags by video category or niche and time duration.

how to analyze popular hashtags on tiktok

After the list of popular hashtags is displayed, click on the See analytics button, for example on the #serunyavalentine hashtag, you will be presented with data in the form of the number of posts and impressions of the hashtag.

Then, scroll down, and you will find insights on the number and age of the audience from video views using the #serunyavalentine hashtag.

How to research viral hashtags on tiktok

Now, you can use this popular hashtag data to build your TikTok account and get good engagement on TikTok.

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