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6 Important Steps to Make Money from the Youtube Channel in 2023

Youtube is one of the largest video-sharing platforms in the world. The company, which was originally founded by former PayPal staff, has become a source of income for content creators.

Based on data from We Are Social, Youtube users in the USA number around 130 million. This figure is a very large target market.

For beginners who want to make money from Youtube and want to become rich like role models YouTubers, it is mandatory to read the 6 important steps to make money from Youtube.

Determining the target audience

Before shooting videos carelessly, or uploading videos randomly without a clear purpose. Determine the target audience first.

You can target your audience by gender, age, interests, and occupation.

If you target children, then make videos about children.

If you are targeting the male gender, aged 17-45, and a hobby of soccer. Then make a video about football.

By determining the target audience first, you can make videos that are more targeted. Not random.

You're not a celeb, so create a specific channel. Micro.

Youtube will recommend your channel to viewers who have the same interests as your channel's theme.

Keyword analysis

No matter how good the YouTube content you create, without doing good keyword analysis, your videos will surely sink to the bottom.

Will not be watched by others.

You have determined the channel theme, it's time for you to write down what keywords you want to create.

Then check on Google Trends or other keyword tools, whether these keywords are still relevant to current conditions.

You can also try researching competitors' channels, titles used, and video descriptions owned by competitors.

Apart from that, you can take advantage of searching on YouTube, Google, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other content-sharing platforms.

Check other channels with the same niche

You are confused about what kind of content you want to make, what kind of video thumbnail you want to make, or the best posting time.

Observe competitors' channels. Minimum 10 channels.

Keep an eye on post-hours, thumbnail design, video length, daily upload patterns, descriptions, titles, and other things.

Take notes and study the patterns. Copy and modify according to your style and needs.

Content Production

It's time for you to produce content. Our advice is that you must create up to 60 pieces of content for stock if one day you run out of ideas or get tired of creating content.

In producing content, you can use applications such as Canva, Filmora, CapCut, and Adobe Premiere.

If you lack content material, you can download content in the form of videos and photos on Pexels.

On Pexels, you can download content without fear because the content there is free to use and modify.

Schedule Content

You already have 60 finished videos ready to upload. Schedule content that has been created for 1 month.

2 videos per day.

Analyze the video

You haven't finished your work yet, bro!

After the videos are uploaded, analyze the video.

Why is the audience so small?

Why is there less interaction?

Why is it recommended by Youtube?

Why are broadcast hours so high?

Thus. May be useful.

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