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4 Types of Contents that Can Make Videos Viral on Facebook Reels

Facebook Reels is short video-type content that is 9:16 in size, similar to TikTok. Yup, it's true that the world of social media was disrupted by the presence of TikTok, and finally, some platforms began to bring up short video features tailored for the average smartphone screen.

Therefore, Meta (the parent of Facebook) did not want to miss the train. So, what kind of content can generate good engagement?

Let's take a look together!

Funny content

The average Facebook user uses social media to interact with people they know. 

However, since the introduction of fan pages, then the professional account feature, and Zuckerberg's introduction of reels, Facebook users started looking for entertainment on Facebook reels.

A lot of funny content has gone viral on Facebook, and the creator accounts that uploaded the funny videos got good engagement.

There is also re-uploaded video content, where funny videos are downloaded from other platforms and then uploaded again on Facebook.

Content that makes you curious

You are a Korean drama lover, of course, curious about the next episode of the drama you are watching.

How does it feel to watch Korean drama footage on Facebook reels?

Curious right?

You will look forward to the Fanpage admin uploading the next parts.

Content that makes people angry

You can play the role of hatters of celebrities who have many followers.

Create videos to criticize the celebrity.

The content will anger his fans, and your account will be invaded by his fans and also other hatters who support you.

Content that makes people grateful

This type of content provokes feelings of empathy and makes people thank you.

You can create content about a grandfather who lives alone and has no home.

You can create content where you provide help to the grandfather.

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