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4 Reasons Your Videos Not FYP on TikTok and Their Solutions

TikTok is the most popular video content distribution platform today. Millions of short videos are uploaded daily to TikTok.

The videos that appear on your TikTok homepage are videos that are popular or commonly called FYP.

However, we've also found that it's not just videos that are popular. TikTok also encourages newly uploaded videos to appear on the homepage.

Then, why aren't the videos that you have uploaded FYP?

What are the reasons?

1. Poor video quality

Poor video quality affects content distribution on TikTok. Especially if your video has no interaction at all. Poor video quality is usually influenced by light factors, bad devices, and inexperience in creating video content.

How do you make videos with good quality?

The video resolution to be uploaded must be 1080p or HD, with a size of 1080 X 1920, and preferably make the video vertical.

2. Reupload content

You download other people's videos, cut them, then upload them on TikTok.

Do you think the way to work creating content is that easy?


You guys are dead wrong! TikTok has an algorithm that can detect content that has been uploaded repeatedly, which means TikTok can detect if the videos you upload are not your own work.

TikTok will not recommend your video content from reuploads.

3. Not using popular sounds and hashtags

The video has been edited in an interesting way, you are sure that your video will go viral and be watched by millions of TikTok users.

It turns out that after uploading, it doesn't match your expectations.

Videos don't go viral because you don't use popular sounds and hashtags.

Even though you can research the sounds and hashtags that are currently viral in advance. The method is simple.

Check out the latest videos from accounts that have the same niche as your account. Check the number of viewers, caption, sound, and hashtags used.

4. Videos are not interesting

Your videos are not interesting until TikTok stops distributing your videos to other users.

Well, here you have to follow the trend. Observe popular filters, dances, or events.

Make your videos follow the trend.

Or you can use the question and answer feature on TikTok.

Questions raised by TikTok users, you can answer them with videos.

You can also stitch videos that are currently viral by providing reactions or new perspectives on the viral video.

At the point, take advantage of the moment.

Because anything trending on TikTok quickly gets stale.

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